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Smoking Marijuana: The Drug Effects

Smoking marijuana is a seemingly harmless recreational activity for many people. While it is not yet considered an illegal narcotic, smoking pot can have serious health consequences for anyone who starts smoking regularly. Smoking cannabis often becomes addicting behavior, wherein users require high amounts of the drug to feel normal and function normally. If smoking pot is done habitually, the user may develop an intense dependence on the drug.

Although smoking cannabis may seem harmless, addiction can arise when the drug is used irresponsibly or when the user does not get the amount of the drug they need. If smoking cannabis is done habitually, it can lead to health complications such as the inability to handle stress, poor concentration, and depression. Chronic users may also develop heart problems and lungs problems. Even simple tasks like climbing stairs can become difficult or impossible for someone addicted to smoking cannabis.

Lung cancer can be caused by smoking marijuana frequently. The smoking of cannabis exposes the user’s respiratory system to carcinogens from the smoke. The user inhales all the smoke from the cannabis, including the carcinogens, into the lungs and suffers damage to the respiratory system over time. The long-term use of smoking marijuana can also cause bronchitis, emphysema, and cancer of the lung.

Smoke from smoking marijuana also irritates the respiratory system of users and can aggravate asthma and other bronchial diseases. Chronic smokers of the drug suffer from inflammation of the respiratory system, which can be very serious. Chronic irritants in the smoke include benzene, toluene, and carbon monoxide. Chronic irritation in the lungs can result to coughing fits and difficulty breathing.

Smoking cannabis can also have long term effects on the body. Long term effects of smoking cannabis include weakening the body’s bones and muscles, increasing the chances of suffering from weak teeth and gums, shortening the lifespan of the lungs, and one’s chances of developing heart disease and cancer. Short term effects of smoking cannabis include disorientation, anxiety, and vomiting. Longer term effects of smoking cannabis include convulsions, brain damage, respiratory failure, and permanent damage to one’s lungs and other internal organs.

For medical use, smoking marijuana is relatively safe. However, the drug has been found to contain a range of dangerous contaminants that may be harmful when they enter the blood stream through consumption. These include: mace, nicotine, and a variety of synthetic chemicals. Although smoking cannabis is considered a relatively harmless recreational activity, it is still important for people who are not authorized to use the drug to be well-informed about the effects of the drug and never use it if they are under the influence of other drugs.

The effects of smoking marijuana are felt almost immediately after smoking the drug. Most people report that smoking the drug produces a euphoric feeling, often described as a “high”. This “high” is often characterized by a sense of relaxation, energy, and confidence. Smoking marijuana is often said to produce feelings of creativity, hope, and strength which often accompany feelings of anxiety and fear. Smoking marijuana can also often create an altered state of consciousness, which some describe as a “consciousness of consciousness”.

Although smoking marijuana does produce these “highs”, the continued smoking over time will often produce negative effects. Over time, smoking marijuana can have very adverse health consequences. Chronic smoking can lead to the weakening or damage of the lungs; among other things, smoking marijuana often leads to increased lung inflammation, emphysema, and chronic bronchitis. Although smoking marijuana is considered to be a harmless recreational activity, it is still an unhealthy activity. It is vitally important for all who smoke to avoid the serious health consequences that can be caused by smoking marijuana smoke.

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