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Hemp Prices Compared To Marijuana Prices

Cannabis prices differ depending on a few factors, and a main one is THC level. In this article, we discuss the difference between hemp and marijuana prices due to the CBD and THC quantities of each.

The Skinny

A typical eighth of a pound of marijuana cannabis is around 3.5 grams and costs somewhere between $35 dollars and $60 dollars, depending where you are and who you get it from. If the plant is legal in the state you’re currently residing in, legal prices tend to be slightly lower since they are charging tax on top of it. States where marijuana is illegal, the street price tends to be a bit higher, closer to $70 – $80 dollars on the high end.

Prices of marijuana vary based on strain, so when hemp started becoming more commonplace, the CBD level of the strain became more important to consumers. In short, consumers want a higher CBD level in their hemp.



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