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Hemp Plants and Marijuana: The Difference Explained

Hemp plants has been mixed up with its’ relative – marijuana in so many ways. Sometimes, it is often believed that hemp plants and marijuana are completely the same thing. However, they are not. Marijuana has been around for thousands of years while hemp was first used by our ancestors for fiber. Today, marijuana remains a popular recreational drug but hemp is becoming more used for growing crops such as alfalfa and clover. Hemp and what is hemp have to do with the use of the plant for its fiber rather than for the other medicinal qualities.

Looking into the cannabis family

There are about fifteen varieties of cannabis plants but only two of them are the source of the most significant quantity of the world’s supply of THC or tetrahydrocannabinols. Those are the cannabis plant and the hemp plant. Hemp is the source of less than one percent THC. That is significantly less than what is found in marijuana.

One of the major differences between what is hemp and what is marijuana is that hemp plants contain a high concentration of what is called “CBD” or Cannabidiol. This substance accounts for the special chemical properties of the plant. Some researchers believe that CBD has many healing benefits. Many people use CBD as an herbal remedy for chronic pain, especially if they are not getting any other medications for those conditions.

When compared to what is marijuana and what is cannabis plants cultivation, the difference between the two becomes very clear. Hemp does not grow nearly as fast as does marijuana. In fact, it takes about three years to get a harvest from hemp plants rather than about five years for a similar crop from cannabis plants. It takes about three harvests for hemp plants instead of just two for plants grown for marijuana.

When it comes to what is hemp and what is marijuana, the FDA has determined that industrial hemp plants contain no trace amounts of THC or cannabidiol. However, researchers have shown that many health benefits can be gained from THC. Many medical researchers believe that the low amount of THC that is contained in industrial hemp plants could be beneficial for patients who have depression. They believe that the low amount of THC could be beneficial because it helps to reduce feelings of anxiety and excessive tension. In addition, low amounts of THC have been shown to be helpful in reducing symptoms related to Parkinson’s disease, as well as relieving short-term memory loss associated with conditions such as chemotherapy.

What is hemp?

Hemp plants are come from a variety of Cannabis sativa family. And the interesting thing is, hemp is a dioecious plant, which means it can be separated into male and female plants. These plants have provided a wide variety of their purpose for our society more than 10.000 years. The stems from the plants provide very sturdy fiber, hemp seeds are the sources full of proteins and Vitamins, we extract oil from the leaves, furthermore, The hemp flowers offers the smokable oil.

When hemp is used for its oil, rather than as what is potpourri, it is actually considered to be industrial hemp. Therefore, anyone who wants to try making their own potpourri may want to look further into hemp for their supplies. Many people are finding that they can not only save money but get a better product than what is usually available in the market.

Another reason that people have begun to use hemp plants in order to create their own potpourri is because of the fact that it is stronger than marijuana plants. Hemp plants contain more fiber and it is tougher. In turn, this allows it to be ground into a fine paste. Many times marijuana plants are blended with other types of products in order to create what is known as hybrid potpourri. This hybrid potpourri is stronger than what is found in the market because the growers who grow it tries to mimic what is in the market, while at the same time not duplicating every detail.

If you have not yet started thinking about what is hemp and what is marijuana, now may be the perfect time. Not only are hemp and marijuana some of the hottest topics in the media right now, but the federal government is starting to take notice. The government is reviewing legislation that could make it legal to cultivate and use the plant. So, if you want to grow the best plants possible, you may want to start thinking about starting hemp cultivation.

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